Sunday, July 19, 2009



This weekend was a little slice of perfect.

To begin with, the weather was beautiful, anyone on the Eastern Seaboard in the Mid-Atlantic would agree. (How would I know, they could be having hurricanes in Florida.)

#1 Husband and I spent a lazy morning on Saturday complete with homemade breakfast and lounging about on the computers. Then I packed a blanket and a lunch. You know what that means...Picnic!

We loaded up our bikes and went in search of a trail. Nothing presented itself other than the old standby of the W&OD Rail Trail, so we set off. We biked a round trip of 9 miles with a stop at a lovely, if very small, park for lunch.

Following this display of outdoorsyness, we were back home and awaiting our guests. The Ahrens' clan came over for homemade pizza, Lambrusco, watermelon eating, and baby coddling. It was nice. There's even fab new pics of the dead fish hat to show for it!

Then Sunday we jetted off to the olde homestead for archery target shooting with Dad. I got my bow fixed up and got to use my new arrows. They are lovely! And I didn't shoot too bad either.

We capped off tonight with a cookout on the porch.
So, sigh... I'm wiped out!

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Annapants! said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend! :)