Friday, August 29, 2008

Reading with your ears

I love audio books.  Well, I love books in general, of course, but I've become quite devoted to books on cd that I listen to while driving.  It keeps me occupied (Like driving should, I know Mom.) while I'm on long trips, which I seem to be on all the time.

Right now I'm listening to, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Apartment 3W."  I was expecting the classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald that's getting made into a movie, but apparently you have to look at the author of the book to get the right one, who knew?  It's pretty weird, but still has my interest.  It's actually several different stories, set in and around an apartment building in New York.

Next on my list is, "On a Pale Horse," by Piers Anthony.  Anna and Tiste have raved about this series of books (Incarnations of Immortality), about which I know nothing.  I'm excited by it due to the high praise.

I may get to that second book this weekend.  I'm on my way to the old homestead for the holiday.  There's 8 hours of my life driving I'll never get back.

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