Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time passes...

And while it passes, I decide to amuse myself with a self-absorbed blog.  Like there aren't enough of those on the interwebs.

My dear husband left for 7 months this week.  Thank you US Navy.  No really, thanks.  Don't know what I would do without you.  Oh, wait, I'd have a more normal day-to-day life and relationships.  Overrated, I'm sure.

So, solo this week.  So far it's comprised Chinese take-out (because I couldn't face the world) that made me a bit ill, sushi with friends (because I could face the world and choose to do it with a buffet dinner), and tonight, sports bar with some more friends.  This may be a bad trend.  But hey, at least I have local friends to see me through.  Too bad they can't see me through to the salad bar and a clean apartment.  Bastards.

I've scheduled myself out at the old homestead A LOT this month.  I'm not sure whether it's an attempt to keep myself busy, I'm especially loved by distant friends, or September is just a busy month.  I'm also not sure which answer I most want it to be.

And, friends, I have to say, "Put your cell on vibrate and put it in your pocket.  Do not leave your annoying ass ring tone on loud and in my office while you're in a meeting.  Kthxbai."

I find myself daydreaming about being The Pioneer Woman.  Is that too vain?  Too absurd, actually.  But, a girl can dream.  I would so love to have nameless people hanging on my every word.  Plus I'd like to live on a farm.  But that's another daydream entirely.

It would be nice if I could keep up the stream of consciousness blogging with posts on crafty things I'm doing (like this) and what my career does (like this), but alas.  This is the skeptical me.  I just don't see it.

That's enough rambling for the moment.  We'll see if this keeps up.  Knowing me, probably not.

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Calliopia said...

Aww... You linked my apples.