Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beers, yeah, beers.

I chatted about books recently (for all of you mad followers who hang on my every word, bless your hearts). Now it's time to talk about beers. I used to hate beer with every portion of my 19 year old heart. Thankfully I aged, and with age comes wisdom. Now? I love beer.

Today included an enjoyable romp through the department store of alcohol, Total Wine and More. Yay toy store for adults like us! #1 Husband and I split a Mix & Match 6-pack of beers. (Please note that this post is about beers. Although, we did give a hard look at dessert wines, just didn't commit to any.)

Our shopping jaunt was while waiting for the pub to open - what can I say, we are early eaters and perpetually hungry, and thirsty apparently. The pub in question was the Dogfish Head Alehouse, the one in Fairfax. (Totally off topic, I have little concept of Northern VA geography; I had no idea Fairfax was so close to my house. Must educate.) We've been to their locations a few times and I've been consistently pleased with the food, not to mention the beer.

I said not to mention the beer!

At any rate, said post is about beer, so let me review what we drank:

I had the 60 minute IPA, because I always have IPAs. I love them desperately, with the upside that a lot of people don't seem to like them and I get to keep the beer I buy all to myself, but I'm petty like that. I love it because it's crisp and hoppy with a little taste of grapefruity citrus. This equals awesome in a beer for me because I've come to dislike sweet thick beers.

The bartender (waves at Cliff) was nice enough to give me tastes of the 90 minute IPA, which is Strong (note capitalized "S"). Also the Alehouse 75, which is a mix of the 60 and 90 minute IPA. They seem to like to mix their beers together for new taste sensations. #1 Husband liked the Alehouse 75, I was all, "Meh."

We also got a small taste of their seasonal Festina Peche. *Hurk* No really, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't beer either. Cliff warned us that it was more like champagne, which it definitely was. It was effervescent and evaporated in my mouth.

#1 Husband drank a pint of Indian Brown Ale. Browns are my second favorite beer, after IPAs, and this one rocks my world. It's sweeter but not cloying. I likes he, he loves it. Win!

As a bonus, part of my take home pack was the Aprihop beer, another seasonal from Dogfish Head. Mmm. It smelled like Apricots, like it's supposed to. But it doesn't taste like them, which is awesome. It's hoppy and that = delicious for me. Plus it has fruit in it, right? That's like one of my 8 daily servings. Awesome.

And there is my beer indulgence.


Kate said...

Dogfish Head is one of the best microbreweries I've ever tried. Before their distribution spread to Canada, I specifically took a ferry to Washington State just to drink their 90-minute IPA. Mmmm.

Jariris said...

@Kate - WOW! That is some real dedication. I am awed.