Monday, March 29, 2010

What to accomplish with myself?

Okay, as noted by many (too many to count) recent comments and conversations between #1 Husband and I, I'm getting old. Swiftly.

While I don't actually feel old, I know that time's winged chariot draws near. Well, nearER anyway. So maybe it's time to think about things I'd like to do with myself. I've never excelled at this task. Ever. When all the little girls in school were daydreaming about being doctors, lawyers, and ballerinas...I was daydreaming about what was for lunch. Surprisingly, not much has changed in the intervening 25 years.

What's a good age to start a bucket list? And why do bucket lists have such a dumb name. Pheh, ponders for another day. On to the meat. As I still have no designs on what I want to be when I grow up (thank goodness I never have to do that!), instead I'll focus on things I want to do or experience. In no particular order:

1. Travel to at least 3 other countries. I'm going to set my goal low on this one and hope to build on it. Perhaps after I visit 2 other countries I'll up the goal.

2. Learn how to ballroom dance. We've taken a few lessons here and there. Now I'd like to put some effort into it and force my legs to not look like two sausages with clubs on the end. I want grace!

3. Complete my Bachelor's Degree. Hey, I'm on my way! Again.

4. Live on a small, mostly off-the-grid, home. With goats. And chickens. And my husband.

5. Find 500 geocaches. This is so doable, like soon. I figure I'll put something quite short term on here so I can feel good about reaching my goals.


missbuck said...

goats and chickens? Really?! I had no idea you wanted a little farmette, too. We're all turning into self-sufficient homesteaders. Hah, who woulda thought! when we were skipping classes our freshman year of college and just trying to have some fun.....

Earthen Pleasures said...

Sounds like fun! Definitely something different than I pictured for you when we first met! Haha. Great list - good luck!