Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday Morning

I'm a lucky girl.  

I got to "talk" to my husband today in real time chat.  He's in Bahrain for a little while and has some access to WiFi.  We couldn't do the webcam thing (which was a shame because I look pretty cute today), but we sent some pictures back and forth via email.

Sometimes I think about military wives who didn't have ready access to their sailor, or soldier, or marine.  Even 15 years ago the internet was not what it is today.  A lot of people didn't have email or webcams or cell phones.  Snail mail was the only option.  How depressing!

So I know that I have it good - even compared to others in the military today.  I get emails from Jes almost every day.  He gets my emails every day.  We can send pictures back and forth.  It makes it so much easier to be apart when I can still feel a little together in spite of the distance between us.


Annapants! said...

wOOt for the communication and feelings of love and togetherness through the interwebs

*MagPie* said...

Awww... that's WAY too sweet. I knew I called you 'fidelity' for a reason!