Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An open letter to Barack Obama

From my friend Lisa, who cracks me up on a regular basis.

Hi Barry,

I hope this finds you well. I didn't get a chance to tell you how special last night was for me. No one, not even my husband, has ever been able to send me to bed with tears of joy in my eyes! I mean, wow! That was SPECTACULAR!

But I have to admit that I'm feeling a little ashamed for enjoying myself so much. Not feeling guilty or regretting my choices at all. It's just that, well, I need to know where this relationship is going.

Yeah, I know you didn't even get my name last night, but you made me feel special in a way I haven't experienced in a long, long time. I felt a connection between us, like fate had stepped in and threw us together in a whirlwind of ticker tape and cheering masses. I know you felt it too. The sparkle in your eyes told me, the confident tone of your voice when you told me you wouldn't let me down, even the way you made it sound like we're together for the long haul (when you said that this could go on for at least four years). Four years is a long time, Barry, and I need to know what you plan to do to keep up your responsibilities in our relationship.

You see, I've put my full trust in you. I am so very happy for you. And I truly think you will at least try to do everything you promised. But you're also young and haven't been in a relationship of this magnitude before. I need to know you won't crumble under the pressure. I need to know that you'll take to heart the advice of those who have been around the block a few times. I need to know that when times get tough (as they likely will in a long term relationship), you will stand strong. Barry, I need to know if you really care or if you were just telling me what you thought I wanted to hear.

These things aren't easy for me to ask, but I've been disappointed too many times and I can't bear to go through that again. Please, Barry, promise me you won't break my trust. Promise me you meant every word you said. Promise me that "yes, we can" will become "yes, we will" and then "yes, we did". Promise me that I'll still mean as much to you in four years as I meant to you yesterday.

In turn, I promise that I won't give up on you, but neither will I let you do something stupid and hold my tongue. I promise to support you when you follow through with your promises and admonish you if I see you straying. After all, with the connection you and I have, I know you'll appreciate someone keeping you on the right path.

Please don't let me down, Barry. I want last night's magic to last a very, very long time.




Annapants! said...

She's a funny gal! ;p

*MagPie* said...

LUVS IT! I'm totally ganking it to share with others.

Jariris said...

From Ava401 on Delphi:

Since I figured 'Barry' wouldn't see that great letter here, I copied and sent it to him....

But I think you will be very surprised at the relationship that we all will have with our new president elect. Trust is such a delicate thing when it wants to be.

I feel badly that Barry has a mess to clean up! I get overwhelmed just thinking about them all! I know what my husband has to do in our small town you see, and he's just a Selectman.

If this doesn't get Michelle hating him and his beloved girls screaming hateful little things in the White House halls...I don't know what will! LOL

It might take time, but you'll either get a letter or a sign that Barry got your message. I do believe you'll be very happy;)