Monday, September 15, 2008

Burn Before Watching

Seriously. "Burn After Reading" was such a weirdly rancid movie, I can't even describe. You may think that watching John Malkovich pop Brad Pitt in the nose would be worth it. I certainly thought that. I was laughing out loud at the trailer and commercials. The movie? Yeah, not so much.

The theatre was about empty (it was an early show). And the few times Anna and I laughed, it seemed we were the only ones.

So in case you were wondering, a stellar cast acting in a film by award winning writers and directors - not good enough!

I can't describe what it was that was lacking, other than a point to the whole damn thing.

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Annapants! said...

What about when Clooney shot Brad Pitt in the closet? I mean, that made me laugh. Or, the 'hatcheting'of the nice guy in the street? :)

Terrible, terrible movie.

It's good our men weren't there. They would have taken turns slapping us!