Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buttons and pins!

I like Facebook quite a lot more than MySpace.  One of the reasons (maybe second behind Scrabble) are these pins.  I've always been drawn to them, and now I can have all I want for free!  I have vague memories (because most of my memories are vague) of standing at the little pin carousels in the specialty stores or at the beach; standing for as long as they would let me reading ALL of the little pints.  Now I can make my own!

Go get a cork board and pin it up!  (Virtually, that is.)

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*MagPie* said...

When I had FB, the pins were the only thing that I loved. I loved making them and giving them away and searching for them and looking at other people's pins..... the only thing... my corkboard was too small. :*(