Friday, September 26, 2008

Slightly morbid?

But who cares if it is?  I've always been very interested in the culture of death.  That being cemeteries, funerals, headstones, last words, etc.

So I was intrigued when Anna sent me a link to this article about "green" and biodegradable coffins.  The Uono Coffin supposedly degrades within 10-15 years, which seems to make good sense.  I mean, I'm not really "using" it anymore by that point.  They're also suitable for cremation.  Plus, they look wicked Star Trek cool.

This wild shaped coffin is shaped like a chrysalis and looks like it's made out of paper mache.  The idea of a cocoon for your last journey is intriguing.  I wonder what the symbolism behind that is... in my next life I will be a butterfly.

Last, but not least, this Spirit Tree Urn is the one that most caught my attention.  I've preferred cremation to burial, for myself, for quite a long while now.  This is a biodegradable urn in which your ashes are interred.  A tree, or any plant you choose, is housed with your ashes and other goodies that will help it grow.  You plant the whole shebang and then poof - there's a tree where you used to be.

I think that is really beautiful and poetic.

How do you want to be "taken care of?"


Annapants! said...

I'm for the cremation myself; I still love the idea of being put into an pottery glaze! ;p

*MagPie* said...

I'm for cremation. The tree idea you mentioned in your blog is exactly what I want. It gets rid of me but still gives my kids a place to go if they want to remember me.

My dad was cremated. I'm getting an urn for him that's meant to biodegrade at sea.

kelly buck said...

Sam wants to be dumped in the Mariana Trench (, so I will oblige. I might even wait until he's dead! ;) I like the idea of the sea urn -- I was going to use a coffee can, but didn't like the idea of littering. I told Sam I would put a state of an archangel with a flaming sword in my garden in his memory. He *really* liked that idea. What I didn't tell him was that I was going to plant a bunch of pansies and petunias around it. Heh, heh...

Am still undecided about what to do with myself.

The dog, however, I have made up my mind about. He shall be a diamond (

And no, I am not joking.

Jariris said...

Kelly - I love your ideas! Especially for the dog.

And I laughed out loud about waiting until Sam's dead to send him off to Davy Jones'.


kelly buck said...

Thanks! The real bonus is that sam doesn't exactly know where the trench is, so I can totally sneak up on him. =D I'm rotten, but at least I no longer fantasize about shoving him down the steps! Ahhh... making progress with the marital bliss (only took 7 years!).